– What is CANsave? – 


CANsave is a financial literacy program designed by college students, for primary school students.

The program includes lessons on topics young adults wished they’d learned early on, including the advantages of having a savings account, critical lessons about debt, and the importance of saving money for yourself and for those in need. Teaching fundamental financial lessons through the use of a simulated economy, CANsave allows primary school students the opportunity to experience first-hand financial responsibility.

– What is New? – 

CAN$ave for Unique Learners

CAN$ave for Unique Learners brings CAN$ave’s important lessons on Financial Literacy to a broader audience, including resources such as curriculum, lesson plans, and activities for educators working with students that require a different approach to learning. Login for free and download all of our resources at no charge!

Learning Objectives

CANsave incorporates recent updates from the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum in effect September, 2016. The CANsave learning objectives are:

  • LO1 Analyze sources of money
  • LO2 Define the concept of saving money
  • LO3 Discuss scenarios where saving leads to better opportunities
  • LO4 Explain the advantages of having a savings account
  • LO5 Discuss the concept of having debt
  • LO6 Analyze situations that can lead to debt
  • L07 Demonstrate a broad understanding of good and bad debt

Two Main Programs:

We have created two CANsave programs.  One for students in Grades 1 – 2, titled CANsave Early Primary, and another program for students in Grades 2 – 3, titled CANsave Late Primary.  Please review the materials and curriculum mapping to see what program is right for your class!

By joining the CANsave community, educators can access the CANsave teaching manual which includes lessons plans, student workbooks and take-home activities – at no cost.  Simply create a user profile on the “Register/Login” page, and you will have free access to all of the CANsave resources! Qualifying schools will also receive significant support thanks to a partnership with Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union.


“The CANsave program was a welcome addition to my grade one classroom!  The program was engaging for students and their families, and it covered many learning outcomes in B.C.’s new redesigned curriculum.”

Mrs. Rubadeau, Grade 1 teacher,
A.S. Matheson Elementary

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