Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program fit into the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum?

CANsave was created in response to changes in the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum that came into effect, September 2016. During grade 3 curriculum development, our team worked closely with teachers and community partners to ensure learning objectives could successfully be met in the classroom. In the spring of 2016, two grade 1 teachers modified the curriculum for grade 1 and 2, and ran the program twice in their classrooms with great success.  The end results are CANsave Early Primary and CANsave Late Primary.

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Can I still teach the “savings for others” component of CANsave even if I don’t fall into the Valley First catchment area?

Absolutely! While the charitable donation component is currently only available to schools in the Okanagan, it is still entirely possible to teach this fundamental aspect of the program. Included in the teaching manual are alternative activity ideas and different fundraising ideas so that your class can also benefit from giving money to a charity!

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My school doesn’t follow BC Ministry of Education curriculum. Why should I use this program?

CANsave was designed with one goal in mind –to fill an important knowledge gap in financial literacy of students graduating into their adult lives. By joining the CANsave community and using our materials in your classrooms, you are simply enabling students to have an opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to be financially responsible. And really no matter what curriculum you’re following – this lesson is critical in any child’s learning development.

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How do I access the materials?

As part of the online registration, you will be asked to identify your school.  All materials will be available online once you have registered.  Classes in designated areas may have access to funds that will allow your class to donate money to a charity of their choice.  Please e-mail us to see if you qualify for the charitable donation funds.

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